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FA Media LLC

In 2014, Full Moon formed a strategic relationship with FA Media to deliver executive talent to the company since it was based in fantasy sports and sports betting. In 2020 and beyond, the partnership has bloomed and Full Moon has helped FA Media become a leader in fantasy sports and soon to be in sports betting.

The partnership has allowed a shared vision to be executed and for four very successful companies to be born from the relationship of FA Media and Full Moon.

Baseball America / Futures Fantasy Baseball

Alliance Baseball partners Gary Green and Larry Botel were searching for a way for the fans of their Minor League teams to connect with the game and their players like they do on the Major League level. Full Moon provided the research and a suite of options to satisfy that goal. Alliance decided that creating a fantasy game focused on Minor League players would be the best option and “Futures Fantasy Baseball” was born. Full Moon defined the product and managed the RFP process, the selection of the development partner and the entire development process. Full Moon also managed the MiLB licensing process and acquisition of the game. A year after the launch of FFB, Green, and Botel formed Baseball America Enterprises and purchased the beloved Baseball America publication creating a natural distribution channel for FFB promotion and content.

Futures Fantasy Baseball is free to play and starts with the MiLB season: http://www.futuresfantasybaseball.com/

Scientific Games

Gambling laws are rapidly changing from state to state. Scientific Games approached us to help them solve a problem with the types of games available at bars. Their research shows that current game offerings are played overwhelmingly by women vs. men. SG hired FM to create sports and fantasy-themed games that would be appealing to men. FM developed fantasy football and basketball-themed games as well as provide a framework to quickly build games focused on other sports.


Full Moon Sports was a consultant to Allstar Stats, the owners of Rotoworld.com and Sandbox.com. Rick Wolf served as V.P. of Strategic Partnerships and forged the relationship with NBC that caused the purchase of Allstar Stats in August of 2006.

Wolf made the decision to make Rotoworld.com a destination site instead of a section of the popular league manager, Allstar Stats.

Automated Insights

Automated Insights, Inc. represents the next revolution in content creation. The company’s technology automatically transforms raw data into compelling narrative content (articles, summaries, headlines), visual displays (charts, tables, graphs) and interactive applications (mobile and Twitter/Facebook–based social applications).

Through its StatSheet brand, the company currently converts a rapidly growing data set of over 2 billion statistics into comprehensive and compelling coverage of NCAA college basketball and Major League Baseball.

The company currently publishes over 15,000 articles per month through its network of more than 375 team-centric websites, mobile applications, and Twitter and Facebook accounts. Later this fall, Automated Insights will be launching its NFL and NCAA college football coverage.

Daily Racing Form

Full Moon and Daily Racing Form (DRF) have worked together since Full Moon restarted in November 2011. As Full Moon's first client, we provided strategic advice to H2H, StatFox and its executive staffs.

Full Moon spent six months designing a strategic plan that would bring both properties to leadership positions within their genre. The plans focused on real-time and shorter events for each. Daily Fantasy Sports for Head2Head which would be built off their existing engine and real-time game predictions updated in-game for Statfox.

Market and financial restraints caused DRF to not be able to attack these markets as advised by Full Moon. Full Moon can deliver forward thinking strategic plans for your business whether it is large or small.


Full Moon has worked with SportRadar when it was SportsData LLC before being purchased. The relationship is still strong between the two companies and on behalf of Fantasy Alarm, Full Moon works with SportRadar as well as assists in creating stronger strategic partnerships.

InGamer Sports

InGamer Fantasy Inc. provides interactive companion sports and entertainment games for the web and mobile devices. InGamer's innovative combination of live event statistics with real-time game dynamics provides a common socially competitive experience for spectators of live events; and those broadcasters, distributors, and brands who want to engage the modern audience.

InGamer closed its doors, but the CEO remains working with Full Moon today on various projects.

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